Peer-Reviewed Publications

Schroeder KM and Remage-Healey L. Adult-like neural representation of species-specific vocalizations in the auditory forebrain of zebra finch nestlings. Developmental Neurobioogy. (In press).
Schroeder KM and McRae SB. 2020. Automated auditory detection of a rare, secretive marsh bird with infrequent and acoustically indistinct vocalizations. IBIS 162(3):1033-1046. DOI
Schroeder KM and McRae SB. 2019. Vocal repertoire of the King Rail (Rallus elegans). Waterbirds 42(2): 154-167. DOI   PDF
Lansverk AL, Schroeder KM, London SE, Griffith SC, Clayton DF, and Balakrishnan CN. The variability of song variability in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) populations. Royal Society Open Science 6: 190273. DOI
Schroeder KM and McRae SB. 2018. Variable laying times among king rails (Rallus elegans). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 130(4): 1036-1041. PDF
Stiffler L, Schroeder KM, McRae SB, Katzner T, and Anderson J. 2018. Quantitative acoustic differentiation of cryptic species: an example with king and clapper rails in eastern North America. Ecology and Evolution 8(24):12821-12831. PDF

Coverage of my past research in the media:

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(updated January 2021)

Award-winning nature writer and photographer, Todd Pusser, wrote an article about my king rail research at Mackay Island NWR for Wildlife in North Carolina magazine. It was a blast to have Todd tag along for our fieldwork on the refuge!

Our paper on automated detection of king rails was covered by The Wildlife Society in early May! Click on the picture below to read the article!